More than just boxes

Product packaging comes in many shapes, sizes and finishes. So whether it’s a solid board carton, product sleeve, nested tray, clam shell insert or blister card, our experts will work closely with you on the packaging design, sampling and cost effectiveness.

JR Press Packaging
  • Food Packaging

    Food Packaging

    We work with hundreds of customers in the food industry both in the UK and overseas, and are highly experienced in producing food packaging items dedicated to the fast food-to-go sector and foodservice businesses. These include products such as greaseproof papers, takeaway and lunch boxes, pizza slice trays, coffee cup sleeves and popcorn cartons.

  • Retail Packaging

    Retail Packaging

    Retail packaging is a specialised and competitive area. It often involves innovative concept ideas and premium finishes to give your product the edge over your competitor. We have the right people here to offer those innovative solutions, and all of the finishing options you will need to make your product stand out from the crowd.